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EFB General Specifications

Strongpilot offers a fully integrated EFB Class-1 and Class-2 software solutions.


Strongpilot software applications provide a powerful and user-friendly information environment that replaces time-consuming paper-based methods, therefore improving information accuracy and flight crew productivity.

EFB Manager



  • Securely distributes data and documents from a central server to different clients,
  • Several clients can access the same data at the same time,
  • Common graphical user interface which will support multi carrier operation,
  • Multi Tasking (Different Subsystems of the System should be able to run simultaneously by the same person on the same machine),
  • Support required training program for crews and IT department before implementation and after implementation of each Subsystem,
  • Maintenance and support services for 7 days/ 24 hours,
  • Support company with technical and administrative issues during authorization process from DGCA.