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EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) Benefits

EFB is electronic information management software that helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently, in a less-paper environment.


In the past, some of these functions were traditionally accomplished using paper references or were based on data provided to the flight crew by an airline's "flight dispatch" function.




Portable electronic devices (PC based computers) or mounted devices (Class-II) can integrate a wide range of software applications, contributing to replace time-consuming paper manual methods, and therefore improving data accuracy and flight crew productivity.


Electronic Flight Bags help operators move towards a paperless cockpit, offering innovative solutions for a fully digital flight deck.


Some EFB Benefits are;

  • Reduce paper in the cockpit, therefore saving weight and reducing clutter,
  • Reduce cost and workload required to update documents,
  • Keep information up-to-date, enabling easy document revision (e.g., local or through wireless data transfer),
  • Send flight reports quickly and effectively, allowing issues to be addressed more rapidly,
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs through accurate take-off,  landing, weight and balance calculations,
  • Improve safety with onboard performance calculations,
  • Increase payload with real-time performance calculations,
  • Full tracking system for managers, forces the pilot to use all module effectively. There for reduce the all costs significantly.