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Strongpilot EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) Software Applications

Strongpilot Company software applications provide a powerful and user-friendly information environment that replaces time-consuming paper-based methods, therefore improving information accuracy and flight crew productivity.


Our EFB solutions are designed to:

  • Optimize your aircraft operation,
  • Significantly reduce your operating costs,
  • Enhance the quality of your operations.

EFB is electronic information management software that helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently, in a less-paper environment.


EFB software can calculate a variety of aviation data or perform calculations (e.g., Takeoff performance, Landing performance, Weight and Balance calculations, etc.).


EFBs can electronically store and retrieve documents required for flight operations, such as the General Operations Manual (GOM), Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL), Operating Manual (Part A), Operating Manual (Part B) and other controlled documents/data. One of the major motivators for using an EFB is to reduce or eliminate the need for paper and other reference materials in the cockpit.


Performance tools gives pilots on the flight deck a way to calculate aircraft performance, and accounting for actual aircraft system and MEL/CDL conditions. The Performance Tool calculates the maximum allowable takeoff and landing weights, even with last minute runway and environmental changes. This results in improved safety and reduced maintenance and fuel costs.