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Scope of Strongpilot software

Strongpilot Pilot Digital Station (Cover all Module) is a Windows based tool. Behind the interface the software uses manufacturer aircraft databases as well as calculation programs from aircraft manufacturer, certified by the authorities.


All Strongpilot software based on AC120-76A / JAA Leaflet No 36 requirements. All data may be updated via local and/or internet from the server (customer) with only one key press after installation of Pilot Digital Station.


Strongpilot offers a fully integrated EFB Class-1 and Class-2 software solutions for Pilot Digital Station which includes the at least;

  • EFB Manager
  • Takeoff Performance Calculation
  • Landing Performance Calculation
  • Weight & Balance Performance Calculation
  • EFF (Electronic Flight Folder)
  • Library and Open Documents Management
  • Charts
  • CDSS (Cockpit Door Surveillance System)
  • Ground Handling
  • Snowtam Decoder
  • Revision Status
  • Calculator Function
  • Unit Conversion
  • Scratch Pad Function
  • EFB Ultra-Rugged Hardware

Please refer to each module on the screen or contact us for detail explanation.

Email: info@strongpilot.com