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Technical Log (ETechLog)

Strongpilot ETechLog (Electronic Technical Log) replaces the traditional paper technical log.  ETechLog software is usable on EFB Class I, II, and III platform. Configurable to both, portrait and landscape screen orientation.

Pilot in command may overview of the complete technical history including open (hold items), deferred items and fixed items with easy access to details. Search function and grouping is provided to reduce pilot work. In addition, ETechLog include Defect Summary, Defect Actions, Structural Damage Chart, and Deferred Item List (for MEL/CDL items).

Strongpilot ETechLog provides a service to create new TechLog forms. Easy access is available to MEL/CDL and FRM (Fault Reporting Manual) documents during defect entry. Digital signing is possible to increase safety level.

Password protected maintenance entry screens enables the technical personnel to enter non-scheduled, scheduled maintenance tasks or defect actions during normal flight operation.

ETechLog entries logged to the ground based systems automatically. Manual transfer of entries is also available via USB when needed.

In addition, Strongpilot ETechLog may send defects during flight depending on EFB-connectivity.