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Library and Open Documents Management

EFB Manager provides a Library function that allows the user to select documents for viewing in the Document Viewer application. The Library also supports movies, memos, messages, forms and notes. Library contents are managed by the customer using the web based Strongpilot Back Office Administrator application.

Once a document has been selected from the library and opened in the Document Viewer, it becomes available in the Open Documents application. This allows multiple documents to be opened at the same time. Open documents are automatically synchronized with the Document Viewer; that is, as the user navigates through a document using the Document Viewer application, the exact location is updated in the Open Documents application. The user can leave a document for another application or Document and always find his or her place again.

Document Viewer

The EFB is a device suitable for viewing electronic documents. These documents might include; Flight Crew Operating Manual (FCOM), Flight Operations Manual (FOM), Minimum Equipment List (MEL)/Configuration Deviation List (CDL) and/or many others.

Strongpilot does not author documents, but instead provides a secure viewer for navigating and viewing documents. The viewer prohibits users from modifying or deleting the document or its content.

Document Viewer supports the following file formats: 

  • PortableDocumentFormat(.pdf) 
  • ExtensibleMarkupLanguage(.xml) 
  • JointPhotographicExpertsGroup(.jpg)
  • TaggedImageFileFormat(.tif) 
  • PortableNetworkGraphics(.png) 
  • GraphicsInterchangeFormat(.gif)

Document Navigation

Document navigation is straightforward and flexible. The user can select either a “scroll bar” mode in which content is viewed by using the scroll bars, or a “pan” mode in which content is viewed by dragging the screen with a finger.

Document Navigation

Also navigation commands are for linking the pages of a document in a meaningful sequence. The previous page command links the current page to the previous page in a sequence. Next page command links the current page to the next page in a sequence.

To jump to a page by its number: Select the current page number, type the page number to jump to, and press Return or Go to Page button.


Search tool is provided with the document viewer. Reader will search the document, starting from the first page, and display the first occurrence of the word or phrase you are searching for.

The following search criteria are supported: 

  • with any or all of these terms 
  • with this exact phrase

Library Search


Specific locations within a document can be bookmarked and saved. Bookmarks will be inserted in the appropriate section of the document. Each bookmark is a hyperlink to the associated section.


To jump to a topic using its bookmark, click the bookmark or text in the box.


Movie Viewer

The EFB is a device suitable for viewing movie clips.The Movie Viewer works in conjunction with the Library and Opened Library Items functions of the EFB Manager. Movies are selected from the Library and opened in the Movie Viewer.

Strongpilot Movie Viewer supports the following file formats: 



Controls are provided to Pause, Play, Stop, Volume adjust and current time.