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About Us

Strongpilot one of the leading new generation Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) provider’s for the commercial airlines based on Antalya TURKEY. Company provides advanced systems and software engineering support in the development and deployment of the latest in EFB software and other solutions for the flight deck.

Strongpilot holds ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certificate and having more than 20 employees committed to provide Total Customer Satisfaction.

Takeoff & Landing Calculation

We provide customized take-off & landing performance solutions for Airline operators. Our performance software is primarily based on the certified manufacturer performance data (SCAP) module. We support form paper-based product to a full electronic solution.

Weight & Balance

We provide customized weight & balance solutions for flight crew, airline dispatchers, and handling agents. Strongpilot Weight & Balance program optimize the loading of an aircraft. Functionalities and configurations will be based on company policies and aircraft specifications (aircraft AHM-560).

EFF (Electronic Flight Folder)

The EFF (Electronic Flight Folder) briefing package contains all flight-related documents and data such as the operational flight plan (OFP), weather, weather charts, and NOTAMs in a standardized data structure, always related to specific flights and dedicated to the crew.

Library & Open Documents Management

EFB Manager provides a Library function that allows the user to select documents for viewing in the Document Viewer application.  The Library also supports movies, forms and notes.  Library contents are managed by the customer using the Strongpilot System Administrator application.

Snowtam Decoder

Snowtam decode gives a quick and easy conversion from the transmitted Snowtam into plain English. Kind of deposit, depth and contamination as well as resulting braking action/Braking action coefficients are all translated into the international scale.